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Ji-Sort! Capacity Support Programme

In partnership with Hivos, UHAI EASHRI organised a 3-year Capacity Support Programme for LGBTI organisations in Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Kenya and Burundi.

Through Ji-sort!, we worked to:

  • Strengthen the capacity of LGBTI groups in East Africa by facilitating Organisation¬†¬† Development and building the knowledge and skills of LGBTI leaders.

  • Strengthen structures and systems and facilitate technical skills building within the LGBTI movements.

  • Strengthen transformational leadership and leadership emergence within LGBTI movements.

  • Support individual growth, agency, and voice of LGBTI activists within the movements.

  • Facilitate peer learning and support among LGBTI movements.¬†

As a result of participating in this programme, the objective was set for partner organisations to effectively:

  • Assess their own organisation, including identifying internal strengths and weaknesses as well as external opportunities and challenges, and identified relevant steps to address them.

  • Strengthen their ability to think strategically, with clearly articulated missions, visions and values shaping all systems, practices and activities of the organisation.

  • Increase their ability to collaborate as effective teams in pursuit of shared missions and visions.

  • Increase organisational skills in financial management, reporting and M&E, communication and documentation.

  • Gain skills to facilitate learning and transformation in their communities, based on developing shared understanding and ownership for work.

  • Develop strategies and skills for LGBTI advocacy, communication, and community participation.

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