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Peer Grants

UHAI makes Peer Grants annually, in an open and competitive process reviewed by a committee of activists drawn from the region known as the Peer Grants Committee.




We are pleased to launch our Ninth Call for Peer Grant Proposals.

As announced previously, we shall only be making one call for proposals every year.

REMEMBER: To have your proposal considered for funding, please send it to us by 9 February 2014 following the guidelines provided in the call for proposals. Please click on the links below to download the call in your preferred language:






Our Peer Grants Committee, comprising of 9 activists drawn from the sex worker and LGBTI movements make decisions on grants. The panel which is representative of the constituencies served aims to have members from all five East African nations who have a proven track record of work on sex worker and/or LGBTI health and rights.

Under the Peer Grants scheme two types of grants are awarded: 

Msingi grants are intended as seed funding or initiating small scale activities. The maximum award under this grant is $3,500.

Tujenge grants are intended for organisations and programmes developing and strengthening existing work or initiating large-scale activities. The maximum award under this grant is $15,000.

 Grant Applications: 

UHAI strongly urges individuals who have innovative ideas to join or collaborate with existing organisations. Although registration is a necessity for most donors, UHAI is aware that some organisations may have difficulty registering because of the type of activities they are involved in. Therefore, if your organisation is not registered, you will need to demonstrate to us that:

·  Your group has a name

·  Your group has position holders e.g. Manager, Programme Officer, Treasurer, a Board etc.

·  Your group has a clear mission statement, aim and objectives. 

You will also need to provide us with a letter of support / endorsement from a recognised and relevant organisation in the region (such as a sex workers, LGBTI, human rights or health rights organisation) stating that they are aware of your group, its work and recommend you for funding.

How to apply for the Peer-Grant's funding 

All applicants are expected to submit a proposal and budget which should include:

  1. Accurate information

  2. A description of your organisation, its links with the LGBTI or MSM/WSW or sex worker community and a brief history of the work you've successfully carried out before

  3. A clear picture of the problems to be solved or the challenges to be met and how you will do this

  4. Expected results of the project (meaning what you expect the project will achieve with the funding available)

  5. A detailed project time line or implementation plan

  6. A detailed budget that clearly explains how much you are seeking and how you intend to use it. UHAI gives grants in USD and therefore proposal budgets should be done in USD.

Here is a possible format for a proposal:

Title Page:including name of organisation, amount requested, contact details of key person, goal of project and banking/account details.

Summary:a brief summary of the initiative.

Introduction:a brief description of the project, the history, staffing, the main features of the project, the beneficiaries (the clients that benefit) and how they will benefit from the initiative.

Problem Statement:describe the problem (and the context of the problem) that your organisation will address.

Objectives:what does your organisation want to achieve with the funding.

Activities:full details of all the activities of the project that are needed to achieve the objectives. Make sure you always describe HOW you will carry out an activity.

Implementing Organisation: list the details of the organisation, including contact addresses. The history of the organisation needs to be mentioned, when and why it was formed. What activities have been carried out so far and with what results? If a previous activity failed, mention it and indicate what you have learned from it and how you will avoid it in the next initiative. In addition, if the organisation has applied for funding from UHAI in the past, please indicate this and if known, include the reference number for the prior applications.

Collaborating organisations:which other organisations does your programme or organisation collaborate or work with?

Budget and initiative funding:list the total costs of the project; provide an estimate of future ongoing operating costs (sustainability), if applicable. Explain if you make any financial or in-kind contributions/services as organisation yourself. And last but not least: Explain if you are applying for other funds, how much and if the funds have been obtained already. Be very clear about how you will use the funding!

Selection of the Peer Grants Committee:

We undertake an open nomination process and the criteria for participation include a track record of work in the East African region and a stated commitment to sexual minority rights and principles of non discrimination by the interested parties. Care is taken in the selection of reviewers who are knowledgeable of the sector and are currently involved in full time, field based activism in the region. All committee members are expected to sign and update a conflict of interest register. Participation on the committee is on voluntary basis.

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