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Capacity Support

UHAI EASHRI is committed to work that will grow and strengthen the East African sex worker and LGBTI movements, and support their activism. Our capacity support work is aimed at increasing the capacity and skills of both the sex worker and LGBTI organisations, and of individual activists in the region.


Our capacity support is offered in three different arenas:

·         Active and Direct Engagement with grantee partners by visiting our partner organisations;

·         Internship Programme;

·         Ji-sort! Capacity Support Programme.

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About Us

UHAI EASHRI is an indigenous activist fund which provides flexible and accessible resources to support civil society activism around issues of sexuality, health and human rights in the East African region with a particular focus on the rights of sexual minorities.



UHAI-EASHRI makes three different types of grants:


Our strength lies in the skills, talents and commitment of our people.


Contact us

P.O. Box 27611 - 00100
Nairobi Kenya
Tel +254 20 2330050
+254 20 8127535
Email: info(at)uhai-eashri.org